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Is ABA Thearpy right for you child?

September 30, 2022

Is ABA right for my Child

In this episode, I talk with Melissa Schiefelbein who is a board certified Behavior Analyst.  We talk about why she deiced to become a behavior analyst working with ABA.  She talks about how she quit her job to help her son, who is on the spectrum and started out as non-verbal and now he is talking and doing great in school.

We talk about why people are so fearful of ABA and what can be done to take away those fears.  Most of she says that it is not for everyone and that before you choose a ABA therapist you need to do your research.

She talks about how important it is to have the therapist come to your home so your child is comfortable and in a safe place and also that it they should spend a good amount of time with your child, to either go with you to the store or the park so they can work with them to help understand what appropriate and whats not when out in public and that a good therapist should only have few clients so they can structure time accordingly so they don’t feel rushed.

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