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Dealing with Depression

Dealing with Depression

May 19, 2022


Me and Toni are not medical professionals. If you are someone who is dealing with severe depression please pick up the phone and call a doctor or a medical professional at once.

In this very specail edition of Inside the Aspergers Studio. I talk with Toni Boucher on the topic of depression.

We start out talking about ways you can indentify in yourself and in others. Than we talk about differnt things you can do when medicine isnt working. We talk about how mental health plays a role in depression and what can be done to help you deal with it. We also talk why it is such a serious issue. Before we talk about ways to work with it or deal with it we talk a bit about the misconception of depression expecially why so many see those who are depressed as lazy. Than we move into way you can deal with depression.

The 2nd half of the show we share personal stories of how we dealt with our depression.

This is a very helpful show.

How ATP and AAC can help those who are Non-Verbal

How ATP and AAC can help those who are Non-Verbal

May 13, 2022

Hello and welcome to Episode 6 of Inside the Aspergers Studio.

On todays show I am joined with Carol Page a Speech Language Pathologist and part of the ATP  (Assisted Technology Program ) in South Carolina.

On this show we talk about what AAC is  (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)  and how it can help those who are non-verbal, not just in Autism but in all forms of disabilities as well.  We talk about pros and cons of Free vs Paid apps for the IPad or Andriod or Windows tablets. We talk on what makes a good candiate for ATP and does insurance pay and how is it funded?

We get into a lot more during this chat. So take a listen, you may find it useful if you know anyone who is non-verbal.

Dating on the Spectrum with Miyah

Dating on the Spectrum with Miyah

April 29, 2022


and on this Episode if Inside the Aspergers Studio, I am talking with Miyah.  We talk about what it is like to date on the spectrum. We talk about all sorts of things.

She talks about the issues she faces before she met her current boyfriend. The issues she faced being on the spectrum and trying to find the certain someone.  She share some of her funny dating stories with her current Boyfriend who is also on the spectrum.  One of the interesting things about her is she sees herself as in between both for Awareness and Acceptance.

Right now she on what she calles her podcast tour, trying to get the word across about her own podcast.

Check out her podcast in the link below

So take a listen.

See you on the next one.

Catching up with David Wyatt

Catching up with David Wyatt

April 24, 2022

Hello and welcome back to another episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio.

In today’s episode I catch up with my friend and life coach over in the UK David Wyatt. Where I find out how things have been going and whats going on with his life since last we talked.  I find out he is now working with businesses and that he is selective of his clientele.

We talk about what his goal for his practice and where he sees himself.  We talk about life in the UK as restrictions have lifted and how people are not getting out.

This is one interesting show.

Autism Down Under

Autism Down Under

March 24, 2022

I am joined with Ben Sorensen, Quirky, eccentric, bearded, media personality, voice over guy, writer, music lover, presenter of stuff & unable to leap tall buildings. ASD

Where I get to know him and a little about how things are with ASD in Australia. I talk how he got into comedy and voice acting. I find out how he deals with his ASD on a daily basis and what one his most memorable experiences was and you will be surprised what he considers his most memorable experience is.

I talk to him about what he would consider his hyper focus is, and how he uses it to his advantage.  He also talks a little bit about how the Aussie government deals with disability. 

He has to be one of the most interesting and funny people I have talked to in a while.

This is a must listen you want to learn and laugh.


Outtro Music: Cody Lee and the last stand - New Normal

Character Coach and Singing in Public

Character Coach and Singing in Public

March 18, 2022


in this most interesting episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. I talk with Emmanuel Enime. In this most interesting interview we learn what a Character Coach is and does, we learn about his life and what makes him happy. He talks about what his mission is and how plans to helps people.

He talks about how singing can help de-fog them and that he has been doing it for bit, where he would just sing safe songs like Happy Birthday and The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round.  He even had me sing with him during this interview. He says he hasn’t done the session yet with his paterons but plans on working up to it.

He is one of the most facinatinating people I have talked and interviewed.

Please give this a listen.

Health Food and Plant Based Market Peter Rubi with Owner John Graves

Health Food and Plant Based Market Peter Rubi with Owner John Graves

February 18, 2022

Are you looking for a place to buy good wholesome food not full of additives and chemicals. Well take a listen to my next John Graves, owner of Peter Rubi Market. 

John shares he story of how Perter Rubi came to be and the mission of the store. In this show we learn how he got into the business of being a grocer and selling health and plant based foods.

We find out out how Covid has affected his store and that he has a whole group people who are devoted to his store. I also learn why people are so afraid to try plant based products. We also find out where he sees himself and the store in 10 years time and how his store was saved by a other nationwide plant based store called Plantx.

Johns story is one of Miracles one after another first dealing with his health the second with his store.. John talks about what would of happened if PlantX

Peter Rubi Plainfield
15412 Illinois Rte 59, Plainfield, IL 60544

Peter Rubi (Soon to be PlantX) Chicago
804 W Montrose Ave. Chicago, IL 60613. Uptown

Peter Rubi Instagram

Peter Rubi Facebook


The lighter side of Autism

The lighter side of Autism

February 10, 2022

In this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. I talk with Michael McCreary (Aspie Comic, Author, TedX Host and Actor).

I dive inside the mind of a Aspie comic and see why he choose comedy, where he sees himself in years to come, and what the future has in hold for him. 

I find out how his life was before comedy, and how comedy has helped him with all he does today from doing stand up to know acting in the TV show on SYFY , Astrid and Lilly Save the World to doing a TedX talk. 

I also learn everything came to him, people sought him out either from his book Funny, You Don’t Look Autistic. He says his life is boring, but to me it certainly isnt.  Michale loves to laugh and has such a great peronality.

It was a joy talking to him, and getting to know him.

You can find out more about Michale at the links below



and you can Catch him on Lilly and Astrid Save the World

Helping one kid at a time

Helping one kid at a time

February 6, 2022

Hello  and welcome to a new episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio.

In todays show I talk with Dillen Hartley owner of Advacned Thearpy Solutions. A physical and occupational thearpy center. We learn a little bit about Dillen and why he does what he does. We learn a little bit about his life and his upbringing and than he talk more about his business and his help with those with ASD.

Dillen is a very interesting man with a passion to help those with ASD. He shares a some success stories and talks about his practice. He also says that he is one of the OT people that works with the kids.

Advanced Thearpy Solutions

This is one amazing show.

Three Bachelors Later

Three Bachelors Later

January 27, 2022

Hello everyone,

What do you get when you cross someone with two bachelors and going for her third along with a sense of humor and a love of telling stories and observing people. You get Madonna Kilkpatrick that’s who.

She currently going for her third Bachelors all the while having been diagnosed late with ASD.

Madonna is funny, charming, witty.  With her stories of why is doing what she is doing and her views on everything from the puzzle piece vs the infinity symbol to the term Asperger’s. To just talking about herself and how she got to where she is today and her love of many things.

She talks a little bit about growing up, to why she choose the degrees she has now and what she in the progress of obtaining.

You can hear it in her laugh, and in the way she talks that shes loves what she does. She even does improve.

This sure will be a interesting show.

Listen to the end and you sure to enjoy it as much as I did talk to her.

Your future-self isn’t looking at you with disappointment, your future-self is looking at you with understanding of how difficult thing things were and  their just hoping you will do you best





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