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Females and Autism

Females and Autism

September 23, 2022

Being a Female with Autsim

In this episode of Inside the Asperers Studio, I talk with Raquel we learn that Switzerland is very segregrated and we talk about her life dealing with Autism and why she moved to Switzerland and dealing with segregartion when it comes to school and son.  She talk about the first time she heard what ableism is how the school system is not letting her home school her son.

She talks about moving back to Mexico to where she can home school her son and let him get the education he needs and not be put in a place he is not happy.

We talk about when she was diagnosed and what its like being a female on the spectrum and does she have a quiet place of her own she goes too when she feels too overwhelmed and much much more.

Help with transitioning into adulthood, work and college with Beth Felsen

Help with transitioning into adulthood, work and college with Beth Felsen

September 16, 2022

Transition Life Coaching with Beth Felsen

Welcome to a new episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. In this episode I talk with Beth Felsen, who is a ASD Transition Coach who helps those with ASD transition to Adulthood or even finding work to transitioning to college.

In the beginning we talk about her and how get into coaching and says it was her daughter, because he daughter is on the spectrum.  Than we get into her work and the differnet types of clients she deals with.

We talk about how she preps her clients to get ready for going away for college. She says she talks about college readiness and she breaks it down to four catagories: Exeuctive Function, Life Skills, Social Communication and Self-Advocacy which she says is the most important.

She talks about how important it is for the client to advocate for themselfs because of the privacy act. How the parents wont be able to call up and ask about the classes or say they you are struggling, that’s all up the the client.

Then we talk about getting ready for adulthood, and looking for work.

and much more.

So sit back and relax and grab your favorite beverage.

Stories: Talking Podcast Movement and Podcasting with Jared Easly

Stories: Talking Podcast Movement and Podcasting with Jared Easly

September 11, 2022

Podcast Movement with Jared Easly


Hello and welcome Podcast Edition of Stories. In this edition of Stories I talk with Jeard Easly Co-Creator of Podcast Movement and Podcast Movement Evolution.

In this special episode we find all about Jeard Easly about his podcast, why he he and his partner started Podcast Movement. We find out about what his first speaker was for the very first Podcast Movement, and what great speakers they have had, and what it took to get some big name guests.

Than he offers advice for those who want to start up a podcast. He talks about not worrying about the numbers if you doing it for fun, but if your doing it for a business senses than do worry about the numbers. I ask him is content or quality more important mean the guests you have on what you put out.

I ask about his own Podcast and how its doing.

So sit back, relax and grab you favorite beverage.

A sit down with Dr. Temple Grandin

A sit down with Dr. Temple Grandin

September 5, 2022

Hello and welcome to a very special  Labor Day edition of Inside the Aspegers Studio.

In this Labor Day Edition I have the pleasure of talking to one of the prominent figures in the autism community Dr. Temple Grandin. In this episode I talk to her about her personal life, everything from how she got into Animal Behavior to when she was diagnosed with ASD.  I ask her how get got into teaching and what was it like to be one of the first women in her field.  To did she have pets growing up to did she remember anything her science teacher told her.  Than I talk more in-depth about autism, and the conversation gets very interesting as she goes on and talks about many things.

This is one of the most interesting interviews I have every done. Than we try to figure out what type of thinker I am. As she mentioned before about the three different type of thinkers out there.  She mentiones her books that she has written and talks about how she has had grandparents coming up to her after a lecture she has given and said how they may be on the spectrum as well from watching their grandkids and listening to her talk.

She goes to talk about how she think all the great programmers and those in Silicon Valley are most likely on the spectrum as shes metions people like Elon Musk and even Bill Gates.

This is a must listen interview.

So sit back, relax and grab your favorite beverage and take a listen to me talk with Dr. Temple Grandin

Sacred Space Coaching with Jackie Coursey and Patty Lausham

Sacred Space Coaching with Jackie Coursey and Patty Lausham

August 29, 2022

Welcome to season 4! In this episode, I have a new co-host, Patty Laushman of Thrive Autism Coaching. Together we interview Jackie Coursey, an autism life coach with Sacred Space Coaching, about the struggles she sees young adults experiencing, particularly with going away to college.


We explore how Jackie got into the coaching profession and how she continuously trains and upgrades her skills. Jackie and Patty also discuss a project they are collaborating on, a support group for parents of autistic adults to help them better understand how autism impacts their adult children and to meet other parents.

The Undected Narcissist with Angela Myer

The Undected Narcissist with Angela Myer

August 29, 2022

In this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio I talk with Angela Myer author of The Undetected Narcissist and podcast by the same name.

This is a very deep episode because we talk about her son and what she had to do to get him all the support she needed for him no thanks to her ex.  She talks about all things that she had to finally convice thearpist and judges and you name it, that were supposed to help her son but were convinced by her ex that he son was more than capable when he really wasn't.

We talk about her and her podcast and where she is now.

This is a very emotional episode episode, well any episode where you have a parent talking about their kids. But I highly suggest you listen to this show and you go check out her podcast the same name as her book.

The problem with people today is when they see those of us on the spectrum, they really dont see the other side of the situation and what we go through on a daily basis.

Autims & Education with Kristen  Eccleston

Autims & Education with Kristen Eccleston

August 19, 2022

Hello and Welcome to the 12 episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio.

In this Episode I talk to Dr. Kristen Eccleston on Neurodiversity and Education. In this very important episode we learn where the school systems have dropped the ball and how we can fix this in years to come. 

We talk about how mixed learning can be either be good or bad for those of us who are neurodiverse and we talk about how school systems should teach new teachers coming about neurodiverse and ways to help those who are on the neurodiverse spectrums.

We talk about how things should be handled if a teacher mistreats a child and we talk about how schools deal with her stepping in to help those who need help.

Than we get into her kids and her own neurodiversity and how she handles it and so on.

This is a must listen episode.

So sit back, relax and grab  your favorite beverage.

Stories: Role Reversal

Stories: Role Reversal

August 12, 2022


In this episode of Stories. I am joined back again wtih Patty, but this time I am in the hot seat. She will ask me the questions that I have asked all of you. 

In this episode you get to know a more personal side of me from things like: why August 10th is such a emotional day for, to what inspires me to why drives me to do what I do.

I really opened up in this episode and share with all you a side of me that I shelter from the public eye.

This is a very personal interview where you get to see a side of me most dont get to see.

Thrive Life Coaching with Patty

Thrive Life Coaching with Patty

August 4, 2022

Hey everyone,

in this episode of Inside the Asperger Studio: Stories. I talk with Patty .

  This is a very interesting episode of stories because we learn about Patty Laushman and her struggle she had with getting her son diagnosed with ASD and we find out that she may have ADHD as well.  We talk a bit about how she tried all methods to help her son thrive in the world and how she finally went with of the the most controversial methods which is ABA Therapy.

This is one of the most controversial because in the ASD community because of the ways the therapist goes about helping the client but like Patty said, it depends on the therapist you get. Patty swears by the therapist she got and he has helped her son in a way that he is able to succeeded in ways no other way could.

Now you are probably wonder why it is so controversial. Well as a friend told me there was a video going around the net with a therapist holding down the child's arms and retraining him from flapping.  Flapping is one of the ways those of us on the spectrum stimulate to comfort ourselves.

Patty also talks how she had a few businesses and how she came to start her Life Coaching service.  If you listen to end she is offering a free 30 minute session with her, but you have to listen to end of podcast for the website to go to.


ADHD and Successful with Rob Krecak

ADHD and Successful with Rob Krecak

July 21, 2022

In this Episode, I talk with Rob Krecak of Humans first. Rob is what you a very successful guy with has started up many different business from Health clubs to Ufixit to know his Humans first.

We discuss how he manages his ADHD while running his business in regular life. We talk about those who have ADHD have

“Ferrari Engine with Bicycle Breaks” Dr. Ned Hallowell

Where need to learn how to apply the breaks and slow down. We talk about how when you write something down it cause you brain to slow down.

Rob talks about how he deals with ADHD and how he was diagnosed late in life and was relieved to find out that’s what he has. He also mentions that maybe one of the things that contribute to ASD is the early use of putting kids in front the tablets at a early age.

He talks about how part of his business Humans First to help get companies back to 4 day work week with eliminating things that can be over the phone instead of the email.  He also talks about how he works with families to so they can put down the phones at dinner time by establishing goals missions for the families to follow.

He talks about how he feels he has Sensory Processing Disorder but in fact all the things he mentions are all traits of ASD.

Which shocked him.

We talk about so much more.

So stay tuned it was a very interesting show.

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