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Enabled Intelligence /w Lauren Bacon Smith

November 17, 2022

Enabled Intelligence

In this episode, I talk with Lauren Bacon Smith who is the Chief People Officer of Enabled Intelligence.

Enabled Intelligence is a new start-up company in DC that has a integrated work force and a different way interview their prospectus employees. 

They have the standard application, but they look beyond the resume or your background. What they are more interested in, is you knowledge and background with computers.  They don't interview they employees like normal companies do, they don't ask the traditional questions, they don't ask questions at all.

What they do is they get to you, and find out what you are capable of. Also you are sent a aptitude test to see what you can and can not do.

They make their employees feel welcome and have things for those who are autistic feel more comfortable like, sensory inclusive rooms and have parties for them and much more.

If you are someone who is Autistic and living in the DC area this is one company to check out.

Enabled Intelligence


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