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Stories: Talking Podcast Movement and Podcasting with Jared Easly

September 11, 2022

Podcast Movement with Jared Easly


Hello and welcome Podcast Edition of Stories. In this edition of Stories I talk with Jeard Easly Co-Creator of Podcast Movement and Podcast Movement Evolution.

In this special episode we find all about Jeard Easly about his podcast, why he he and his partner started Podcast Movement. We find out about what his first speaker was for the very first Podcast Movement, and what great speakers they have had, and what it took to get some big name guests.

Than he offers advice for those who want to start up a podcast. He talks about not worrying about the numbers if you doing it for fun, but if your doing it for a business senses than do worry about the numbers. I ask him is content or quality more important mean the guests you have on what you put out.

I ask about his own Podcast and how its doing.

So sit back, relax and grab you favorite beverage.

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