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Stories: Motivation and Inspitation

August 12, 2021

On todays episode I have a candid talk with Rob Jolles. One of the more facinating people I have become friends with and interviwed.

“Rob is a sought-after speaker and five-time Bestselling author, Rob has spent over thirty-five years, logging over 2.5 million miles in the air entertaining, teaching and inspiring audiences worldwide.  His books have been featured in USA Today, Harvard Business Review, Publisher’s Weekly, have spent over 100 weeks on the national Business Bestseller list and have been translated into over a dozen languages”

He is all about the motivation, if you have the drive and movtiation to sell something you can sell anything.  He talks about about how he used to be picked up by limos and be met by limos on the other end and now its he has to book his own flights and get his own gigs due to him slowing down.  He jokes how one of his books made it to Oprahs Book club and was going to come on the show to talk about it, but than she decied to end her show.

He talks about how his dad was someone who influenced him, got to see him speak a few times. Rob truly has a passion for what he does and goes into detail in how he got to where he is today.  With his wife and three kids. He he mentions that one of his kids was in a subway commercial.

He is truly a amazing man who great stories and engery to share. I could feel that energy coming from him when I spoke with him. He loves what he does and says he is ready to retire and enjoy life.

So come along with me on this wild ride on getting to know Rob Jolles.

Stay for the story and get to know him as I did

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