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Season 2: Episode 3 - Masking in the Work PLace and in Society

July 18, 2021

Hey Aspies,

in this episode of Inside the Asperger Studio I am joined again by Karla from AIMS Global.

We talk about Masking and why it is wrong for those of us on the spectrum to do it. We discuss what has to be done for companies to accept, Karla mentioned that it all about sitting down and having a honest discussion.

We also talked that masking is also in the ADHD world.

We talk about how it is draining to have to hide who you are just so you can be accepted in the society and what it does to us, to the point of coming home and just not wanting to do anything due to the fact not only are we masking, but we are also get so much stimulation it just wears us down.


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